This is the page where I plan to start putting all the items that I will have for sale. If you are interested in anything then please email me.

Small container made of pecan

American Elm live edge bowl

Poplar midsized bowl

American Elm small coin tray

Poplar 8in bowl

American Elm small tray

Not sure but think Elm, small cup

Small Elm cup

Spalted Live Edge Pecan bowl

Apple wood bowl with a fancy rim

Simple cup made of American Elm

Box Elder Lidded Cup

Box Elder Lidded Container

Live Edge Spalted Pecan

Spalted Pecan Bowl

American Elm Tray with Curved Rim

American Elm Live Edge

Box Elder Bowl

Pecan Spalted Small Bowl with Live Edge

Pecan Bowl with Beauty Mark

Spalted Pecan Bowl

Walnut Wood Bowl

Box Elder Simple Bowl

Pecan Spalted Live Edge Bowl

Box Elder Bowl

Spalted Pecan Bowl

American Elm Small Tray

Box Elder Tall Bowl

Box Elder Large Bowl

American Elm Lidded Bowl

Box Elder Large Rounded Bowl

need better photos

Mushroom made of Pecan