The Lathe


I'm trying to get better at remembering to take pictures of the before, during, and after while I'm making stuff. So I figured I'd just create a whole new page to post my work.

Red Cedar

This red cedar log I found a few months ago being used as a barrier around a failed garden I had made next to my shed. It originally came from my mothers house. She had hired some of my son's to remove it from in front of her house soon after she moved to Chickasha. If I'd had any idea that the inside of it was this beautiful then I would have used it long ago.


Have a few logs cut down to where they will fit on my lathe. I figured I better get one big before photo since I'll probably forget to take pictures of them individually as I turn them into bowls.

Most of the bowls from the wood above went to my wife's coworkers for Christmas presents and I forgot to get photos before she gave them away. I did manage to save this one here, by far the best looking box elder bowl I've made yet


No better way to start off my pecan section than with this beautiful cup made out of the crotch section of a large branch. Finished it with beeswax which gave it a very rich color.