When it doesn't go as planned

Sometimes you go through all the work of cutting the log into a usable chunk, rough cutting it into a bowl, leaving it to dry out for a few months, and then you go to make it into a bowl only to find a crack that isn't safe to work with. Or worse yet, a giant chunk comes out of the bowl and takes off flying through your work area. Here are some pictures of such things.

I had a bad catch that caused me to stop and realign my bowl and I found this horrible crack. Into the trash bucket.

Pecan wood is a pain when your tools aren't that sharp, this bowl definitely lived up to that. It even tried to shoot a chunk at my head. It missed and then into the trash it went.

Now this bowl was turning into something beautiful when this chunk flew out. I decided to make some lemonade out of the lemons and just make a shorter bowl.

It wasn't until after I cut the ring off that I noticed that the cracks went all the way through the bowl. I moved it to the trash bucket but it may come back out and get turned into a flat dish or small plate, I haven't decided yet.

On the upside, I'm getting better at sharpening my tools

I was trying to scrape off the bark since most of it came off on its own. I didn't even realize I was cut until I saw what I had done to the bowl. The first thing I did was scrape off the bowl to make sure the blood didn't soak in too far and then went for a bandaid.

I was so mad when this hole appeared. It was just a simple bowl with thin walls and was turning out so beautiful, and then oops. I got it just a little too thin. It does make a pretty shop bowl though.