Love Thy Wood

previously RJ's Woodworking

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Where my woodworking began

These are my sons and they are why I began working with wood. "Dad, do you think you could make us some swords, out of wood?" So of course I had to try. Using a jigsaw I got from my grandpa, after he passed, and some scrap wood I had from tearing down a wall we got to work. They designed them and I cut them out. Since then my daughter has been more than happy to keep me in practice with all kinds of ideas. I'll get a picture of her with her coffin book shelf soon. 

My amazing wife (on this side) who has inspired me and spoiled me with all the tools I need to make all of this possible

On this side would be my daughter who has helped me by believing that I could make anything and always had another project that she wanted me to make for her. 

This is a photo of me and my mother at the beach. She is by biggest fan. If you need proof than just look around her house, it looks like an art gallery with exclusively my art on display.  

I chose all of these photos from 2014 since this was when my obsession with wood began. Also, the kids are much more embarrassed by older photos.

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