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The above is how a lot of my projects start, fresh-cut lumber

Last updated on 05/24/22

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Where my woodworking began

These are my sons and they are why I began working with wood. "Dad, do you think you could make us some swords, out of wood?" So of course I had to try. Using a jigsaw I got from my grandpa, after he passed, and some scrap wood I had from tearing down a wall we got to work. They designed them and I cut them out.

My wife and my youngest son were asking me if I could make them some things that they could give away as Christmas presents so I gathered up some of the stuff I already had made and figured, why not take a picture.

Cornhole boards that I made for my eldest son's 1 year wedding anniversary.

Completely made of reclaimed wood from pallets. This was my first project where I joined up boards in this fashion and I really enjoyed the challenge and the learning experience. And of course my cat Nacho had to photobomb me.

A custom-made A-frame blackboard made for a customer to be used at her daughter's wedding.

All recycled materials. The frame is from pallet wood I planed down and sanded to find the beauty that was hiding underneath. The blackboard is 1/4 plywood reclaimed, sanded down, and painted with chalkboard paint. Even the chain was reclaimed from a shelf that was suspended from the ceiling.

Here is a toy box that was made for a very special 3 year old girl.

A desk on a budget. The materials for the this desk were nothing more than cheap 2x4 studs and plywood. Its hard to tell in the pictures but using the Shou Sugi Ban technique I burnt the wood to a good char and then used a sanding wheel to remove all the loose material causing an amazing texture and look to it.

The coffin bookshelf

One of the weirder requests I've had. My daughter saw one like this online and thought she had to have one so I made her one. Turned out to look better than I had envisioned when she said she wanted a bookshelf in the shape of a casket.

Working on the Lathe

Some of my early projects

Wood Burning